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You've options with regards to treating your renal failure. With the aid of your Physician, you can find one or more treatment that best fits your everyday needs. From dialyzing at home, getting treated at a dialysis center or receiving a kidney transplant, there's an option that’s right for you.

Home Dialysis Chicago

With home dialysis patients can enjoy the comfort of their home even they are undergoing through treatment. We provide home dialysis for patients with even more choices to preserve their lifestyle following their ESRD diagnosis. Home dialysis Chicago ensures patients better health and wellness, quicker recuperation, as well as a better life. Contact us to know more.

Home Dialysis Chicago

Home Dialysis Chicago provides patients with comfort and cares that they can not get with in-center dialysis. Home dialysis supplies patients with freedom as well as knowledge. We educate patients and their families to make sure that we can securely provide treatments in their own house. Our home dialysis personnel will certainly offer you with all the support you need and you constantly feel secure and also comfortable till the dialysis treatment is complete.

High-Frequency Home Hemodialysis

kidney care was the very first dialysis supplier in Chicago to provide high-frequency home hemodialysis utilizing NxStage innovation. Like PD, people can dialyze in the convenience of their residence. Higher frequency hemodialysis typically gives fringe benefits for clients, consisting of much less dietary and also fluid restrictions, decreased drug demands, and also lots of patients report greater levels of energy.

Dialysis Center Chicago

Experienced home dialysis Chicago center registered nurses and also certified service technicians will give detailed training to individuals and their caregivers. Education and also training is personalized to each details person's demands and concerns. Throughout training, people find out whatever they need to securely and also efficiently dialyze in the home. People will dialyze themselves a number of times throughout training before they "graduate" and also go home on their own. Our team will certainly remain in the frequent call with patients throughout their first few home treatments to make sure every little thing goes smoothly and also to resolve client questions and also concerns. We will see our home dialysis Chicago people at the very least when a month for a center checks out. During these checkouts, we examine just how your treatment is going as well as address other renal related clinical issues such as anemia. The home dialysis nurse, social employee and also dietitian and your nephrologist will certainly see you at your monthly clinic checkouts and also are always offered by phone or by consultation in the center.

KidneyCare Chicago

is the best dialysis center Chicago. Here, we provide personalized care for patients with kidney disease. We assist our patients with proper education, outstanding dialysis treatment, and dialysis training. We always try to ensure that our patients are confident enough in their therapy and kidney dialysis treatments. We offer several dialysis treatment options which include Home Hemodialysis, In-Center Hemodialysis, Staff Enhanced Home Hemodialysis, and Staff-Assist Home Hemodialysis to qualified patients when appropriate.

Dialysis Center Chicago

Our facilities are available throughout Dialysis Center Chicago. To know more about the services near to your location, please call at 855-766-2729. Home dialysis Chicago patients can enjoy the comfort of their own home. If you need dialysis at home, our home dialysis program provides patients with more options to maintain their lifestyle following their diagnosis. With home dialysis Chicago, patients may enjoy good health, quick recovery after treatment, with a new smile and hope. Contact us today to learn more.

In-Center Dialysis
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Hemo Dialysis

Hemodialysis removes waste products from the blood by passing the blood out of the body, through an external, artificial filtering system which cleans it and then returns it to the body. The blood is removed and returned to the body through an access site which is created by either the insertion of a catheter or a surgical procedure is done in which an artery is joined directly to a vein. While in the external filtering system, called a dialyzer, the blood flows through an artificial membrane that separates the waste out of it.

Nocturnal Dialysis
Nocturnal Dialysis

In-center nocturnal dialysis turns nonproductive sleep time into hemodialysis treatment time, giving patients their daylight hours back. Patients receive hemodialysis in their dialysis center overnight for 6-8 hours while they sleep.

Home Dialysis
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Home Hemodialysis (HHD)

More patients are choosing home hemodialysis (HHD) for its lots of benefits, including easy-to-use machines, a better quality of life and helpful training courses.

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Home Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)

Peritoneal Dialysis is performed inside the body using a membrane inside the abdomen, called the peritoneum. Dialysis fluids that clean and filter the blood are injected into the peritoneum area through a thin tube called a catheter and then drained out again. This form of dialysis can be performed at home, but must be done on a continuous, everyday basis.